Case Study

FusionPro Server Transforms Complex, Labor-Intensive Production Process for Large Grocery Store Chain

The Retail Price Conundrum

FusionPro Server produces price labels and a variety of other printed materials for one of the 10 largest-volume supermarket chains in the country. Their 1200+ store locations use price labels that include barcoded shelf-front price labels and product tags. With thousands of individual product lines in each store and differential pricing offered in some locations, it became a massive challenge to produce these labels in a timely manner and keep labeling up to date. Additionally, the problem was only exasperated when the retailer or its brand-name suppliers ran seasonal price promotions.

Custom, Pre-Sorted Price Packs

Each of the retailer’s 1200+ locations need to be provided with new price labels in advance of any price changes. Once they receive these new price labels, the stores are expected to apply the labeling to the appropriate shelves and products overnight to be ready for business the following day. This presents a major challenge for the retailer’s in-house printing facility. Not only do the labels have to be printed with short notice, but differential pricing means that a custom price pack must be prepared for each individual store. Additionally, to streamline the in-store price application process, the labels within each pack also must be pre-sorted by certain criteria.


Automated workflow has the power to
create up to 8 million customized shelf
tags in just 8 hours!

Dynamic Data-Driven Templates

Adding FusionPro variable data printing (VDP) suite to their workflow enabled this retailer’s in-house printing facility to streamline price label production by empowering them to produce custom, pre-sorted pricing packs for their stores. Today, they can create templates to match each store’s specifications for shelf-front price labels and product price tags. This automation has the power to create up to 8 million shelf tags in just 8 hours!

Automated Lights-Out Workflow

Using FusionPro Server, the retailer’s pricing managers can make price changes at the store level. Differential pricing is easily applied, and thanks to FusionPro Server’s unique cut and stack imposition process, custom pricing packs can be prepared for stores which include labels that have been pre-sorted in aisle order for easy application.

The solution has been a major triumph for the retailer! They have been able to adopt a more flexible pricing policy and implement promotions that have increased customer foot traffic.

A once complex and labor-intensive print production process is now an automated lights-out workflow thanks to FusionPro Server

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