FusionPro® Expression

FusionPro Expression is the premiere image personalization solution that combines data and imagery to produce truly unique and compelling personalized images. The use of personalized images within print, email, web, and other marketing vehicles has been proven to dramatically increase readership and response rates.

Electrify Your Marketing Campaigns

Image personalization is a powerful tool that is changing how marketers engage their customers. Whether the media is online or printed, the impact is dramatic. Choose from 170+ pre-built templates or create your own specific design.

Get Read, Get Results

Graphic communication using personalization continues to rise due to its undeniable effectiveness. Image personalization drives extraordinary readership and response rates.

Connect to Your Audience

Every customer wants to feel like they are the one and only. Use eye-catching , personalized images in print, email, or web to further demonstrate how you can set your company apart and truly connect to your audience.

Full Automation

Use the Expression Server to automate creation of images for email campaigns or web ads for high volume output.

Solutions for Every Organization

The FusionPro Expression product suite fits either small or large scale marketing operations on any budget.

Seamless Integration into FusionPro

FusionPro templates natively accept Expression designs to generate personalized image output directly into the output files.

5 Different Personalization Types

Masking Text

Nodes and Paths

Fill Paths

Image Characters


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