FusionPro® Server

FusionPro Server is the automation superstar. It provides high-volume, hands-off VDP composition workflows, generating tens of thousands of document pages per hour and eliminates human error to become an efficient production machine.


Automation saves you time and reduces touch errors. With FusionPro Server, you can automate the entire workflow after the design is complete. For fully automated integration, you can use the popular hot folder feature.


FusionPro Server can be integrated into an existing web-to-print system or automated workflow system through SOAP-based web services API or an existing customized job management system using direct invocation.

High Capacity

FusionPro is easily scalable. Whether to generate documents for digital delivery or for print, We can help optimize your server cluster in single- or multi-tier configurations to match the speed you need.
FusionPro Server has the full composition capabilities but allows jobs to run through without user interface. With the option to use SOAP-based web services API, FusionPro Sever can be easily integrated into any web-to-print solutions and document automation systems.

Build Your Vision

Operate with higher margins than traditional VDP workflows that require numerous hands-on processes with features such as email notifications and auto-delivery to a hot folder. Modernize your traditional print model and expand your business.

Instantly Obtain Decades of Development

Don’t wait while your developers catch up to build the technology you need. Get immediate access to the tools your business requires most.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Implement powerful VDP preview and output capabilities in custom web-to-print environments that can be integrated with your own high-volume digital workflow

Control the Roadmap, Create Your Own Custom Features

Whether it’s high-speed web-to-print or automated workflow solutions, leverage the power of high-volume hands-off print production and the ability to generate tens of thousands of pages per hour to meet your customer needs.

Maximize Output with Faster Composition Speeds

Create automated VDP composition workflows for internal or distributed environments; simultaneously compose multiple VDP jobs for unparalleled scalability and redundancy; and incorporate multiple composition engines into composition farms to run virtually any size job

Incorporate Image Personalization

Output personalized images can be optimized when using FusionPro Expression to combine data and imagery. Operating on both MAC and PC platforms images can be used within print, email, web, and other marketing vehicles.

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