FusionPro® Server Lite

FusionPro Server Lite gives you the power to automate VDP for any size job.

Easy Automation

With pre-built templates, FusionPro Server lite can automate outputs based on simple input data.

Faster Composition Speeds

FusionPro Server Lite can output your compositions at the speed of server.

Drag. Drop. Done.

Make creating outputs as easy as dragging and dropping into a folder.

FusionPro Server: Hot Folder

Build Your Vision

Operate with higher margins than traditional VDP workflows. Remove the numerous hands on features and auto-deliver inputs to a hot folder that will automatically create and deliver your output. Modernize your traditional print model and expand your business.

Instantly Obtain Decades of Development

Don’t wait while your developers catch up to build the technology you need. Get immediate access to the tools your business requires most.

Meet your customer’s needs

Leverage the power of high-volume hands-off print production to generate tens of thousands of pages per hour to meet your customer needs.

Need a more robust solution?

FusionPro Server is the ultimate VDP software, giving you the power to customize it to suit any type or size of job. Integrate Server directly into your own digital workflow, incorporate multiple composition engines for exceptionally complex jobs, and with automatic load balancing bring Server to the cloud and scale your resources based on jobs.

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