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Recorded Webinars


The Power of Document Automation

This brief webinar outlines how FusionPro’s document automation feature can benefit your company and save you valuable time.


FusionPro® Expression

Check out this recorded webinar to learn more about how the FusionPro Expression tool can help simplify personalized marketing


Advanced Capabilities

Learn more about the capabilities of FusionPro that make our platform unique to other VDP systems.


VDP for Enterprises

Check out this recorded webinar to learn why FusionPro is the leading VDP system for enterprises.


Producer and Server Upgrade

Learn about FusionPro’s Producer and Server upgrades in this recorded webinar.


Introduction to FusionPro

Learn more about what makes FusionPro an industry leading variable data publishing solution for creating customer communication in this recorded webinar.

Case Studies

Case Study

Marquis Saves Hours a Day with FusionPro Document Automation Software

Case Study

FusionPro Server Transforms Complex, Labor-Intensive Production Process for Large Grocery Store Chain

Case Study

Application – Statewide Annual Automobile Registration Notices

Video Resources

How to use FusionPro Creator – Basic features

FusionPro VDP Creator is our install based software that takes a PDF and allows it to compose variable data locally and/or the building a template that is uploaded to MarcomCentral, to allow Portal users to customize the document online.

How to use FusionPro Imposer

An overview for how to create impositions using FusionPro Imposer. This video demonstrates the 3 step process for imposing FusionPro documents.

How to use FusionPro Creator – Advanced features

A recorded 2 hour webinar, demonstrating some of the advanced functionality of FusionPro VDP Creator, using in-depth JavaScript. The selected uses cases are based on common scenarios or challenges FusionPro users experience.

FusionPro® Expression

This is our install based, image personalization software.

FusionPro Expression Webinar

A recorded 2 hour webinar demonstrating how to use MarcomCentral’s personalized image software. We outline all of the tools and techniques within the application; the structure of an Expression, how to edit and export an Expression. In addition, you get to see how to output images using the FusionPro Expression Producer capabilities, as well as its uses within FusionPro VDP Creator.

More FusionPro Tutorials


Need to go a level deeper in understanding how FusionPro VDP Creator works? This four part video walks through the process step by step.

  • Creating the Marketing Piece
  • Working with Resources and Rules
  • The Composition Process
  • The Imposition Process

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Basic Functionality

This set of videos covers the typical day-to-day use and functionality of FusionPro VDP Creator. Topics include working with data files, wizards, and colors, these short tutorials will get you up and running in a matter of a couple of hours.

  • Working with the Data Definition Wizard
  • Options for Composition Settings
  • Using the Frame Palettes
  • Using Formatted Text Resources
  • Options for Paragraph Formatting
  • An Overview of the Rules System
  • Using the Rules Wizard
  • Using the Switch Wizard
  • Loading New Fonts
  • Working With Colors
  • Using FP Imposer for VDP Jobs
  • Using FP Imposer for Version Jobs

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JavaScript Rules

Don’t let the name fool you! These videos are designed for everyone from the brand new user who knows very little about business rules to the experienced programmer who simply needs information on the FusionPro – specific functions and objects.

  • Rules Overview
  • Using the Switch Wizard
  • Using the Rule Wizard
  • Create Resource
  • Creating a 2D Barcode
  • Bar Code Formats
  • Dynamic Charts and Tables
  • Event Ticket
  • Formatting Numbers and Dates
  • Math and String Functions

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