Case Study

Marquis Saves Hours a Day with FusionPro Document Automation Software

The Challenge

Marquis is a financial services company offering marketing and compliance software and services to over 800 banks and credit unions nationwide. They provide sophisticated analytical and production services based on the advanced use of print and digital marketing automation with the ability to track response metrics at the individual customer level. Part of Marquis’ daily responsibility is to handle the production, printing, and delivery of letters and direct mail pieces for their clients. This includes customer communications, such as a welcome letter or new product offering letter. Marquis creates and prints 90,0000 marketing documents every single day.

The Problem

With such a large production workload, they have long relied on Variable Data Printing (VDP) software to assist them with automating the document creation process. Marquis was using a VDP software called DesignMerge. However, with 90,000 different outputs every single day, they were struggling with overall efficiency. Before Marquis adopted FusionPro, the printing process required the involvement of several employees to re-work the document templates every week. As the demand for customized documents grew, it became more difficult to manage the creation of new document types and the reproduction of jobs that vary per customer and per run. Marquis decided to look for another, faster solution that could meet all their document automation and production needs while requiring less manpower.

The successful long-term use of FusionPro has given us the power to meet the needs of our internal team and exceed the demands of our customers. This partnership has placed our company at the forefront of marketing automation.

Josh Leonard, Analyst,
Digital Programmer Coordinator

The Solution: FusionPro

Marquis signed on with FusionPro in 2010. Since then, they’ve seen an incredible improvement in the speed of their document assembly process. A task that used to take 9 hours can now be handled in as little as 15 minutes FusionPro has improved their output speed by 36 times!

The Result

In addition to the significant increase in speed, FusionPro has also enabled Marquis to take on more complex jobs. Today, they can handle 1,900 different letters in a single template with 4 input files. Their jobs now include dynamic frame creation and 1,200 lines of code that call from 5 different templates with 2,000 lines of code each. This incredible document automation empowers them to produce thousands of different designs for their clients – with minimal manpower. These results with FusionPro have helped Marquis to take on new applications for their clients. These applications include letters regarding new customer sign-ups, account changes, product offers, cross-sales communications, and many more. Overall, Marquis has been incredibly happy with their FusionPro experience. Not only has the product increased efficiency, but it has expanded their product offering. Moving forward, they are looking forward to continuing to automate their workflow!

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