Case Study

Application – Statewide Annual Automobile Registration Notices

The State General Services Printing Department (GSPD) produces automobile annual registration notices for their entire state. The Registration Notices were printed and mailed to the residents whose registration was due in the following month.

Previously, these annual notices were outsourced at great expense. In addition, the invoices contained sensitive information, so sending the data to a vendor was a data risk and added cost because of the audits that were needed to ensure the data was being kept secure.

The data for the invoices came from three different databases. The previous process took time to combine before sending the merged database to the vendor. Also, changes to the form took a lot of time and went through several proof cycles.

FusionPro to the rescue. FusionPro Producer was purchased because the volume for this job (and others) was very high.

The template contains several rules—some for vehicle type code conversion, some for vehicle class phrases, and some for barcodes. One of the barcodes was for the inserter, and another was a QR barcode for payment. FusionPro’s Secondary Datafile capability allowed GSPD to connect to all three databases simultaneously, so they did not have to combine the databases, which saved time.

FusionPro saved several hours of work and thousands of dollars each month. Changes to the form can be done at the last minute, and bringing the job in-house allowed the state to eliminate the risk to their sensitive data.

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