Feature Spotlight: Groups

When preview is on, you may want to see all the boxes to align things easily and see the effect of rules turning groups on and off as well. Let’s walk through an example of Groups and Previewing them utilizing Rules.

The best way to see this is to open the tutorial file “Mailer.” In version 12, there is a Mailer sample. Go to the menu option FusionPro->Documentation->Tutorials and open the Mailer sample. You will see a PDF called Jensen_TrifoldMailer-Groups.pdf.

If you preview and scroll through the records, you will see the coupons either show one or two coupons depending on the record. This is the Groups feature turning on or off the appropriate group.

Record 2 shows 2 coupons

On record 3 it shows 1 coupon

If you check the box for “ignore per-record visibility in preview,” then it shows all the frames for the coupons.

Tips and Tricks

FusionPro installs in different environments (Mac and Windows)

Acrobat on M1 Macs: On MacOSX, the like many applications and plugins, FusionPro Acrobat plug-in is not yet native for the M1 chip and must run under the Rosetta emulation mode. This is found under Preferences->General. The setting is “Enable Native OS Mode for optimal performance.” This setting should be unchecked and Acrobat restarted for the FusionPro plug-in to appear. (More details can be found at: https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/apple-silicon-m1-processor-support.html)

InDesign on M1 Macs: Note that the InDesign plug-in is already native for M1 and Intel processors, so Rosetta does not have to be activated for the InDesign plug-in (in FusionPro version 12.1 or later.)

Windows Acrobat “Protected Mode”

There is a new feature in Adobe Acrobat that is a protected mode that does not allow many operations such as running the FusionPro registration program or accessing files. If the FusionPro plug-in runs in this mode, then it thinks that it is not registered.

Version 12 of FusionPro detects this and puts up this message:
“To enable FusionPro, please go to the menu in Acrobat, under Edit -> Preferences, \
select the “Security (Enhanced)” tab, and un-check the box “Enable Protected Mode at startup”.”

After unchecking the box, restart Acrobat

Older versions of FusionPro may just appear to not register.

New Version of Adobe Acrobat

The latest version of Adobe Acrobat is not supported by FusionPro. However, FusionPro 12.1.3 will be available in April and will automatically install to Acrobat.

For the meantime: on a Windows computer, the FusionPro installation will continue but the plug-in will not appear. You can force the plug-in to be installed by opening a command prompt in the FusionPro installation folder (c:\program files\PTI\FusionPro) and issuing the command:

installplugins -acrobatnomaxversion

That will force the installer to install to a version of Acrobat that it does not recognize. There is no workaround on the Mac, but an update to support the new version of Acrobat will be available as soon as possible.

Client Spotlight/Use Case

Statewide Annual Automobile Registration Notices

The State General Services Printing Department (GSPD) produces automobile annual registration notices for their entire state. The Registration Notices were printed and mailed to the residents whose registration was due in the following month.

Previously, producing these annual notices was outsourced. The invoices contain sensitive information making sending the data to an outside vendor a data risk. It also added cost due to the audits that were needed to ensure the data was being kept secure.

The data for the invoices came from three different databases. The previous process took time to combine before sending the merged database to the vendor. Also, changes to the form took a lot of time and went through several proof cycles.

FusionPro to the rescue! FusionPro Producer was purchased enabling a high volume of data and outputs for this job and maintaining data security.

The new FusionPro template contains several rules — vehicle type code conversion, vehicle class phrases, and barcodes. One of the barcodes is for the inserter, and another is a QR barcode for payment. FusionPro’s Secondary Datafile capability allowed GSPD to connect to all three databases simultaneously which saves time.

FusionPro saved several hours of work and thousands of dollars each month. Changes to the form can be done at the last minute and bringing the job in-house allowed the state to eliminate the risk to their sensitive data.

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