High Performance Personalized Document Creation

What FusionPro Can Do For You?

FusionPro is the leading technology for creating highly
customizable marketing and communication documents for print and digital delivery.

Easily Create Personalized Communication for Almost Any Industry

  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Coupons
  • Retail & Shelf Tags
  • Letters
  • Tickets
  • Ballots
  • Directories
  • Catalogs
  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Reports
  • Welcome Kits
  • Identification Cards
  • Barcodes & QR Codes
  • Checks
  • Personalized PDF Email Attachments
  • Booklets

FusionPro Products

Variable Data Printing (VDP) Template Creation
Desktop Composition
Used by graphic designers and printshop personnel for moderate volume variable data printing
Suitable for one user, up to 5,000 records per job
Now includes FusionPro Expression®
Includes FusionPro Designer for template building/design
Single Server configuration
Used by graphic designers and printshop personnel for multiple concurrent variable data jobs
Suitable for up to 5 concurrent users, over 20,000 records per job
Automatically route completed jobs to a hot folder
Email notification of job completion status
Includes FusionPro Designer for template building/design
Single Server or Multi-Server configuration
Used by IT to automate variable data printing workflow
Scalable to enterprise users, 200,000+ records per job, millions of records a day
VDP Job Automation with FusionPro Watch folders – No programming required
VDP Job Automation with API – Requires programming
Web to Print website integration – Requires programming

FusionPro Creator & Expression Bundle

Simple, fast, powerful personalized documents

FusionPro Creator is a powerful, yet affordable, desktop design & layout tool for creating
high-performance customized communications. Thousands of graphic arts professionals
worldwide use FusionPro Creator to produce both simple and complex marketing collateral that incorporates customer or prospect data to create highly personalized
messaging. This single desktop solution installs on your Mac or PC and features a scalable VDP workflow.

FusionPro Expression is included with FusionPro Creator

FusionPro Expression is the premiere image personalization solution that combines data and imagery to produce truly unique and compelling personalized images.

FusionPro Producer

Fast Composition, Production Workflow

FusionPro Producer is a server-based application that operates up to 10 times faster than FusionPro Creator and reduces the number of steps required for most VDP workflows. Streamline the composition and delivery of large or complex personalized print projects with a centralized job queue that accepts simultaneous jobs and can be viewed and controlled by any workstation with FusionPro Creator. Requests flow directly to the FusionPro Producer, offloading the composition process from local desktop machines freeing up wait time in Acrobat so you can work on that next job quicker.

FusionPro Server

Large-scale, Lights-out Composition with APIs for Custom Workflows

FusionPro Server helps create and manage large-scale dynamically created personalized documents using high-volume, hands-off VDP composition workflows, generating hundreds of thousands of document pages per hour from layouts created with FusionPro VDP Creator.

Simultaneously compose a variety of VDP jobs for unparalleled scalability and redundancy, and incorporate multiple composition engines into composition farms to run virtually any size job. The Dashboard application allow you to monitor the status of jobs, pause, cancel, and resubmit through a GUI or use the web services API to integrate into your own solution.

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